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Jewellery is precious and can be one of your greatest assets. Building an enviable collection is an achievement to be proud of, but do you know its true worth, especially as pieces increase in value over time? Even more importantly, would you be able to detail every item and its current value if it were lost, or even stolen?

Without meaningful information, any insurance claim could become complex, time consuming and unlikely to yield the settlement you desire.

Being members of the "National Association of Jewellers", and using the latest appraisal software, a valuation from Offord & Sons ensures you have accurate information that is well documented, including a current value of the items in your jewellery portfolio.

Valuations You Can Trust

Our valuations are prepared on our premises by experienced and qualified gemmologists and jewellery valuers to the highest professional standards and are supported by the UK's largest insurance companies. As our valuations contain highly detailed information, your portfolio can be re-valued, as necessary (at a reduced cost), ensuring you are never under-insured.

Don't Delay

Don't wait until it's too late. Arrange to have your jewellery valued by ourselves straight away so you have total piece of mind in the event that the worst happens.


Types Of Valuation

Insurance Replacement Value

If you want your jewellery valued for insurance against loss, you will need to quote its replacement value. This type of valuation is usually based on replacing your jewellery with a similar item. Alternatively it may be based on the estimated cost of recreating the article exactly to the original design. A valuation for insurance will also take into account partial loss and possible damage. For example, if one of a pair of earrings was lost, you would wish to be able to replace it from the money you paid out on your policy. If your jewellery was damaged - for instance, an important stone may be chipped or broken and need to be replaced with one that exactly matches the other stones - it could be an expensive process and you would want to have this eventually covered by your insurance. We would asses the current cost of such a stone, and of the labour in replacing it. Then the current level of taxation would be added to the cost. In preparing an itemised schedule of your jewellery, which many insurers ask for nowadays, we would allow for the possibility of such partial losses or damage.

Valuation For Probate

A valuation for probate is based on the price which the jewellery is likely to realise if it were sold at the time of death of the owner. As this does not take into account the current cost of labour, materials or current taxation levels, but only the current market situation, the figure put on the jewellery valued for probate will be considerable lower than a valuation for insurance purposes.

Valuation For Sale

A valuation for realisation is usually made in the form of an offer by ourselves, or we may quote the price which you should offer if you wished to purchase the jewellery from an estate or by private treaty. Such a valuation will make into account not only the condition, style and quality of the jewellery but the jewellers view of the market possibilities at the time the valuation is given. It should be appreciated that a valuation given to you by ourselves does not represent an offer to purchase, unless we actually make such an offer in the course of making a valuation for realisation purposes.

What should your valuation contain?

Apart from a statement of opinion as to the final value of the piece of jewellery, the valuation should contain a description sufficiently detailed to be able to identify the item should it be stolen or lost. Together with photographs, Offord and Sons valuations contain all the above including coloured digital photographs.

Who should value your jewellery?

For very practical reasons a qualified gemmologist and experienced valuer should always undertake the valuation of jewellery, because they have the experience of the current market situation.

To gain yourself the most benefit from the valuation please bear in mind the following points. A reliable valuation is an opinion based on knowledge gained through training, experience, and specialist knowledge and is backed up by use of technical equipment where necessary. It should always be written, so please do not rush the Valuer, give him adequate time to carefully examine it. Finally, if you have any questions you wish answered about valuations, please feel free to ask.


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