Re-polishing and Rhodium Plating Service

Bring your Jewellery back to life

Free Ring Cleaning Service

Come and take advantage of our while you wait free ring cleaning service.  We will check your rings for wear and tear, settings will be examined for integrity so as to ensure the on going safety of your gemstones, and finally they will be thoroughly cleaned to bring their sparkle.


Repolishing Service

Have your platinum and gold rings polished and refinished in our onsite Winchester workshop while you shop.  Platinum is a very hard metal and is notoriously difficult to obtain a good polish.  At Offord & Sons we have over 45 years experience in polishing platinum and bringing it up to a beautiful mirror finish.


Rhodium Plating Service

As virtually all white gold rings are sold new with a rhodium plating/coating on them to give that brilliant white mirror like finish, it stands to reason that given time this plating will begin to wear off, leaving your rings appearing dull, lifeless and with a grey or sometimes yellow shadowy appearance.

Help is at hand with our rhodium plating service.  Drop your rings into our Winchester shop and we will re-polish and rhodium plate them for you while you shop.  You will be amazed at the transformation, especially if they are stone set.  They will appear brighter, of better quality exhibiting extra sparkle and life.  

Other benefits of rhodium is that is is very hard and thus far more scratch resistant than gold, and due to its purity is very hypoallergenic.

We will quote on a per ring basis depending on the time involved in refinishing prior to the plating stage..


Here are a couple of before and after examples.  It really is quite a transformation!


Rhodium 1 beforeRhodium 1 after

Rhodium 2 beforeRhodium 2 after


Watch Refinishing

We offer a refinishing service for your watch case and bracelet, to remove the the marks and scratches that are picked up with every day wear and restore its original polished or brush finish.

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