Birthstones have been used since at least the first century as a way to give good luck on one's birthday. Gemstones are associated with each month and each precious stone has designated qualities associated with it. Birthstones are also a fun way to share something about yourself.

Birthstones have been used for centuries to celebrate one's birth. Since different traditions have associated different gemstones with each month, We have included several so you can choose the birthstone which works best for you. Know whichever birthstones you choose, your gift will be very much enjoyed. If you want a birthstone with the most significance to choose one from the older traditions; otherwise, simply choose the gemstone you like most.

January          Garnet Faith, Eternity, Truth
February Amethyst Luck, Wit, Health
March Aquamarine Happiness, Understanding
April Diamond Eternity, Courage, Health
May Emerald Fidelity, Goodness, Love
June Pearl Peace, Nobility, Beauty
July Ruby Love, Enthusiasm, Strength
August Peridot Success, Peace, Luck
September Sapphire Serenity, Truth
October Opal Purity, Hope, Health
November Topaz Wisdom, Courage, Sincerity
December Tanzanite or Turquoise       Love, Happiness, Luck

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